The year of 2018 has been an exciting one for Denmark in regards to outdoor therapy, as we at our network meeting the 9-11 of march 208 decided to become an official association, and founded a board of 5 members, to facilitate the development of the Danish field. We have worked hard on the board of the ”Foreningen for udendørsterapi – Danmark” / Danish Outdoor Therapy Association”. The last weekend of september 2018 we signed off on our articles of association, and next off we focus on getting an account for the association, so we can start receiving membership fees. We work in different workgroups on the board, and plan to have a weekend seminar, where we can meet up and discuss common wishes, visions and goals, in order to make the association thrive. We hope that we in time can provide courses and lectures for people who are interested in the work of the association.

The 1-3 of March 2019 we plan to have our 5th networkweekend, which is still in the planning process. During the last week of September 2018 we were out sailing with ”The good ship – LOA” in Aalborg. Here the participants had the opportunity to sail a tall-ship, and to listen to lectures on Naturetherapi, Adventure Therapy and the International Adventure Therapy Conference. We also had open discussions on the pros and cons with the use of outdoor therapy.

Two members of the association who have a naturetherapeutical background, have started their own businesses, and

Furthermore some have started doing individual consultation tasks. Line Steinkraus provides ”nature groups”, and Tinna J. Mariager holds lectures for students about the work of the association, adventure therapy, nature therapy, and outdoor therapy.

We have also seen that individual psychologists include outdoor therapy as a part of their practice – to a smaller or larger degree – and are continually developing on this.